The Tale of the Royal River

The Tale of the Royal River from Olav Vennemann on Vimeo.

Composed soundtrack for Olav Venneman’s  Film.

This soundtrack came about after Jane Frazer suggested to Olav Venneman that he might approach me to play some music as backing for his tourism/history film. Olav had made the film as an illustration of Alan Glendinning’s  poem “The Tale of the Royal River”

Having had a couple of viewings of this film I really liked the fresh and flowing feel of the story and felt it might benefit from an original score -I couldn’t light on one tune that would complement some of the lovely and diverse natural images of the river, trees, wildlife and flowers as well as the Scottish heritage and more industrial aspects of the later scenes.  Olav gave me some suggestions as to things he liked and then more or less let me have a free hand.  It was a very quick process, the tunes just took a few hours to sketch and orchestrate,and the whole thing was finished quite quickly as both of us had other deadlines! I think the end result is fine, and both of us really enjoyed the “process”